Youth Baseball Registration Information

Registration Information

Instructions for preformed teams: Go to our main menu. Next go to youth baseball. Then go down to documents and forms. Scroll down to team documents and it will be friendship roster submission form.

  • Preformed teams will max out at 9 players
  • Friendship requests are not guaranteed
  • SKSA is a volunteer run organization and only operates smoothly with the help of all participants
  • Every attempt will be made to place players and coaches in a common geographic area, however ,this is no guarantee.
  • NO players will be moved unless leadership deems the move necessary
  • Preformed Teams – no more than 3 players are allowed on any one roster who have played select or higher in the preceding Fall & Spring seasons who also played on a select or higher caliber team with a Nations or USSSA Strength Rating of 0.700 or better.

Online Registration System

Registration for SKSA Youth Baseball is done exclusively online, available 24x7 from the convenience of your own PC. The use of online systems eliminate the need for you to have to come to an "in-person" registration session making the process more convenient. SKSA typically holds a few "in-person" sessions to assist registrants and answer question, however the entire process is still performed online, so attending these is strictly optional.

Register Online

Payment Options & Requirements

SKSA Youth Baseball only accepts credit/debit card payments with the online registration process. Checks and cash payments can only be made at "in-person" registration dates. This policy has been put into place in effort to reduce overhead to our volunteer staff due to the extensive amount of time required to collect and reconcile unpaid accounts. Please be aware of the payment cutoff date for the current season. Registrants not submitting payment by the cutoff date will not be placed on teams. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in getting payments in on time.

Please note that for any returned checks there is a $25 NSF fee added to the registration. Payment of the registration plus the NSF fee is required for participation.

Refund Policy and Request

Please see the SKSA registration refund policy and request procedure here → Refund Policy and Request Form

Player Age Rules

The cut-off date for SKSA is aligned with the Nations sanctioning rules for player age groups. The cut-off date is specific to the season being played in order to maintain age group continuity. The baseball year currently starts on August 1st.

  • Spring/Summer League Programs - April 30th in the calendar year of the season
  • Fall League Program - April 30th in the following year

Players can play up an age group, but never down. There are no exceptions to this rule.

The registration system will automatically show you which sessions your child is eligible for.

Late Registration

A late registration period may be available for Metro league programs and it will be indicated as such on the registration system and website.

  • Late registrations are not guaranteed and you may be waitlisted.
  • Late registrations are handled in a first come first serve fashion and we cannot 'hold' spots.
  • Normal placement rules may not be possible for late registrants. This means your player may be placed on a team that is not the closest to your location. We do try to avoid this but in some cases it is not possible.
  • Payment will not be accepted until the registrant is allocated a team spot. All late registrations are accessed a $15 late registration fee.
  • If payment is not made by the required date/time the spot may be forfeited to another registrant.

Registration Links

Below are the links to registration for the various programs SKSA offers. If you are not sure what you need to be registering for please see the Youth Baseball page to view available programs and leagues.

Metro, Seniors, SuperStars and Summer League Online Registration

  • Requires guardian/registrant to create an online account with our registration system
  • Players register individually for these programs

Select League Program Online Registration

  • Players DO NOT register for these leagues individually
  • Managers are required to create an Nations aseball online account
  • Managers of these teams are responsible for the registration of the teams and roster management
  • Registration is done online at Nations Baseball.


Baseball Contacts

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Mailing Address:
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