Friendship Team Roster Form

For Metro managers that wish to have a Friendship Team a roster form must be submitted prior to each season by the posted deadline. This is used to review the player make-up to ensure that the roster is in compliance with the SKSA Friendship Team criteria. Friendship guidelines are available at the link below. Any exception requests must be submitted in writing to the age group VP and President of Baseball (contact information is available on the Metro League Page).

A maximum of 6 players can be retained from season to season. The remaining slots will be filled based on the standard team building rules. This form must be submitted by the posted deadline or it will not be considered.

MANAGERS: Please do this early - DO NOT wait until the last minute. Failure to submit by the deadline will likely result in the team not being formed. We have a lot of teams to review each season and our volunteers need the appropriate lead team to be able to research and confirm these requests per the guidelines. Coordinate with your parents ahead of time to make sure the process goes smoothly.


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