New Division Play Rules for 6U and 9U

SKSA is excited to announce some divison play changes for our 6U and 9U Metro progams - Managers and Parents of Metro 6U and 9U players/teams PLEASE READ!

The 6U Metro divison is now a modified coach pitch league where players will have the chance to improve live batting skills while still having the opportunity to hit from the tee if they do not hit succesfully. This is being done to stay consistent with area/regional programs as well as to promote live batting for the players at an earlier age to prepare them better for the transition to coach pitch.

The 9U Metro divison will no longer have walks as a result of an at bat. If a batter receives 4 balls in an at bat 2 additional pitches will be delivered by the teams designated coach pitcher. The result of an at bat will be a ball in play, a strike out, or a hit by pitch if that should occur with the player pitcher (a hit by pitch is not awareded for coach pitchers). This is being done to promote more consistent competition as well as potentially speed up game play while again providing consistency with other area programs.

We are looking forward to these changes bringing positive impact to our programs..

See you at the Ball Park!

Ken Bahr | President of Metro Baseball

Date published/updated: 07/13/17