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Spring-Klein Sports Association

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We have a rich history of serving the youth of our community

The Spring-Klein Sports Association (SKSA) is a non-profit organization based in Spring, Texas that provides the community with youth baseball and adult softball programs for organized team play. Leagues and tournaments run throughout the year for both programs using multiple park locations.



Members include (i) volunteer adult participants in any sports program of the Association who have been duly appointed by the Board of Directors; and (ii) parents or guardians of duly registered minor participants in any sports program of the Association. 

Please note the following changes to the ongoing SKSA Board Elections.

In order to comply with the Bylaws, the Board has decided to extend the online voting until 5pm CDT Thursday June 4, 2015.

Further, the Board is permitting ballots to be printed and emailed for those eligible Members who do not have access to the online system. Here is the link to the ballot. IMPORTANT: If you are voting via email ballot, you must print out the ballot and completely fill out the bottom part so that we may verify your eligibility to vote. All ballots will be verified and membership to SKSA confirmed before a ballot can be counted. All email ballots must be sent to vp.legal@sksa.com from the parent's email address, and must be received by 5pm CDT Thursday, June 4, 2015. If you are unable to access the link to the ballot please send a request for a ballot to vp.legal@sksa.com (put “Email Ballot” in the Subject line of your email.) You may scan in your completed ballot and send as a pdf. file. You may also take a picture of your ballot and email the picture file to the above email address.

Incomplete, illegible, improper and untimely received ballots will not be counted. 


According to the Bylaws:

Each Member who is a parent or guardian of a duly registered minor participant in one or more sports program(s) of the Association shall be entitled to one (1) vote per minor participant for each matter submitted to a vote of Members. Otherwise, each Member shall have one (1) vote on each matter submitted to a vote of Members. In instances where a minor participant resides permanently with one or more legal guardian(s), the guardian(s), and not the minor participant's parents, shall be entitled to vote as a Member on any matter submitted to a vote of Members.

In other words, for each child participating in an SKSA program, both parents get one vote each. (For example, if 3 different kids played in the last year, each parent gets one vote for each child participant – or a total of 6 votes). However, each child counts only once regardless if he or she played multiple seasons in this last year.

Due to the fact that the online system is unable to handle the weighted voting as allowed under the Bylaws, the email option for casting ballots will allow members to vote the maximum number of times allowed. Therefore, if you previously voted online you may use the email system to cast multiple ballots up to the maximum allowed.

Separate ballots must be submitted for each parent and each child (e.g. if you get 2 votes (1 child in program with 2 parents) then you must fill out 2 separate ballots (separate child and parent on the individual ballots) and email each ballot from the parent's email address).

To learn more about the candidates, please click here

The Board appreciates your interest and involvement in our elections, and we appreciate your patience as we bring our on line voting process into compliance with our Bylaws for a fair election. 

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